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Quality and Diversity in Media for Europe

The idea of a European public sphere has accompanied media and democracy research for a long time; its necessity has been invoked, and the challenges of establishing it are numerous. At a time when deliberative democracy is exposed both from a populist political perspective and in techno-media form (big tech platforms, AI-based fake news, filter algorithms), it is all the more necessary to try to bring together civil society actors to defend a liberal, democratically constituted society.

Therefore, the first ESEC event of the year will take place in cooperation with the Council for European Public Space ( and the new media platform Display Europe to meet the demands and requirements. The venue is also unique: the European Parliament’s “Erlebnis Europa” exhibition in Vienna ( invites visitors to find out about the EU institutions and, in the case of this event, to engage in a lively exchange about the necessary qualities of European media.

Quality and Diversity in Media for Europe
Friday, 19th of January 16:00-19:00
Erlebnis Europa
Rotenturmstraße 19
1010 Vienna

Announced contributions
Lessons for Discovering Europe through media – Quality factors of European educational media
Michael-Bernhard Zita, ESEC

Challenges and Demands on EU media policy in the age of Big Tech & Populism
Matthias Pfeffer, Council for European Public Space

Display Europe – Connecting European Media, Breaking the Language Barrier
Marija Katalinic, European Cultural Foundation / Project Coordinator “Display Europe”

The evening will be hosted by Prof Thomas A. Bauer and Michael-Bernhard Zita (ESEC). The event will be held in English and German.

As always, we invite you to exchange ideas – the announced contributions only serve as impulses for the exchange of experiences and your personal expert knowledge. The discourse thrives on listening, understanding and moving forward together.

We ask you to register so that we can provide sufficient space and drinks.

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