DIGIMEDIA Internal Projects

Waves, Digital Literacy & New Ideas

During the Transnational Project Meeting of the DIGIMEDIA project in Limassol, Cyprus from October 28th to 30th, there was an intensive exchange regarding the conducted events with teachers. How can these experiences be integrated into new courses and how to deal with the different basic knowledge of the participants were central questions of the extensive exchange. The further use of EPALE, usability-& further development discussions about the new database, as well as the next steps of the project completed the agenda of the meeting.

Also the meeting was a very interesting experience concerning the achievable temperatures at the end of October in Europe, with more than 25 degrees and a beach promenade inviting for relaxation some nice hours could be spent in Cyprus.

The evenings were used for exchanges on upcoming projects and also during an ESEC Board meeting with Michael-Bernhard Zita, an old (2013-2016), new Secretary-General (2021-2024) was appointed. He was mainly entrusted with the renewal of the association structures and the development of future cooperations.